Offering reliable and high-quality banking services to the Cyprus Turks since 1901, TurkishBank started up its Turkey operations at its Istanbul Branch in 1982 and was later converted to an autonomous bank under the name of TurkishBank A.S. in 1991. TurkishBank abandoned its equity operations to an autonomous company outside the bank when Turkish Investment Securities was founded in 1998. It also founded Turkish Finansal Kiralama A.S. and Turkish Faktoring Hizmetleri A.S. in 2007 in order to better meet the ever-changing needs of the clients. Today, TurkishBank, along with its affiliates, is a member of TurkishBank Group with its 28 branches in total in three countries and an asset size of 1 billion 100 million USD and equity of 140 million USD. With the 38,10% shareholding of National Bank Of Kuwait in 2007, TurkishBank has added new foreign ingredients into its culture and this way it has solidified its prestigious standing before its clients and other market players.

TurkishBank Group has never deviated from its dignified and high-quality path with its service concept which favors “Relationship Banking” in line with the “Prudent Banking” principles and which always places much emphasis on the customer satisfaction. TurkishBank boasts to be a bank with a priority on ethical values and a sound management of risks and thus it sustains its reliability and prestigious; produces dynamic, practical, result-oriented, high-quality and fast solutions with its expert staff; has a team where everyone expresses himself freely within a dialogue based on tolerance, love and respect; and gives particular importance on the stability and sustainability with a long term view.

TurkishBank also has a magazine called “Economy Report” which is now mostly delivered to its readers online in line with a project for the protection of the nature. TurkishBank continues to climb up the ladder to the top in its modern banking services.