The winners of the 2017 Investimate Virtual Investment Competition realized in the main sponsorship of Turkish Investment have been announced!

The winners of the Investimate Virtual Investment Competition, organized by the Business and Economics Club of Boğaziçi University, organized by the 3rd grade and attended by only university students, were honored with the ceremonies.

More than 3000 university students from Turkey and Cyprus competed in the Investimate, which was the main sponsor of Turkish Investment this year. Students participating in 41 different cities and 118 different universities competed for 6 weeks in the competition starting on March 6 using a virtual 100.000 TL through stocks, warrants and VİOP. Strategy reports written by 25 people who have increased their competitiveness most in the competition; It was evaluated by a jury composed of academician Yasar Erdinç and Vatan Newspaper writer Ali Ağaoğlu, Ekonomist Magazine News Manager Talip Yılmaz, Turkish Investment Research Department Head Baki Atılal and strategist Cüneyt Paksoy. Eight people determined according to the evaluation result were qualified to make a presentation at the final. Thus, the winners of the competition were chosen not among those who maximized their portfolio, but among those who maximized their portfolio using a consistent investment strategy.

University Students Portfolio Increased Above Index

The 6-week return of the top 5 students in the competition was 64% on average. Among the 3079 students who participated in the competition, the first 100 students achieved great success by increasing their portfolios by an average of 46% over 6 weeks. This rate was 7.58% for the first 1000. 58% of the students who participated in the contest managed to increase their portfolio and lost 42%. In the same period, the Bist 100 index remained stable and offered zero return, while the Viop index contract was only 7 per cent. Viop USD and Euro contracts depreciated while the gold contract’s yield was 4.5%.

The winners were announced by the Final Ceremony

At the final ceremony held at Divan Hotel-Taksim, the winners of Investimate Turkey were determined. In addition to the members of the jury, 8 members selected according to the Strategy reports, including Turkish Group Chairman Hakan Börteçene, Turkish Investment General Manager Berra Doğaner, Turkish Bank General Manager Mithat Arıkan and members of the Turkish Bank Board of Directors, Stratejist Ahmet Mergen, SPL General Manager Tuba Ertugay Yildiz presented the opportunity to explain the investment strategies by presenting to the members of the jury. As a result of the points awarded by the jury members, the winners of Investimate17 were determined and found many awards such as 2 Dubai Financial World Travel, 5000 TL cash prize, SPK and Turkish Group internship awards, TSPB training awards, Reeder tablets and gift certificates.

Fatih Kaplan from Boğaziçi University, Caner Türkmendağ from Adnan Menderes University, and Furkan Gülpınar from Adnan Menderes University were third in the competition.

Dr. Berra Doğaner; “We, this judge; we believe that young people who are interested in capital markets can provide a bridge between financial education and the real investment world. This contest, which we consider to be one of the most important financial literacy projects of our country, supports to create an investment strategy and analysis on the investment world. In addition to acquiring with the investment, the virtual allows you to experience as much loss as possible and introduces you to risk management. If we could make a contribution in the trimming of the ambitions of the competitors, we are happy. Because we believe that the most important enemy in the financial markets is unbalanced agriculture. Remember that time is the best time to take a break in the stock market. “

The Cyprus Era has also been concluded!

The first TRNC event in the competition this year ended with a final ceremony in Nicosia. Moein Rassouli of the Eastern Mediterranean University, which collected the great pleasure of the jury with the English presentation at the final ceremony where the students who competed in the first 4 were made the result of the strategy reports selected by the jury as well as the high incomes and the high yields of 9 universities competed in Cyprus. His second prize earned Bahtiyar Kargagdyev from Akdeniz Karpaz University and won the Dubai Finance World Award. On the other hand, Girne American University earned Honor Bener a prize of TL 1,500.

Turkish Group Chairman Hakan Börteçene, who made the opening speech at the ceremony; “He stated that such a congressman is very pleased to be the first in Cyprus and to be a sponsor of the Turkish Bank. He expressed that the greatest desire for the development of capital markets in the island is expressed. He stated that they are aiming to increase their cooperation with the academic circles and that they plan to continue to develop their successful activities in the capital markets, which have been in Turkey for years, on the island.

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