President Tatar visited TurkishBank UK during his London trip

London, 03 July 2023 – TurkishBank UK, part of the TurkishBank Group, is honoured to announce the visit of Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), to its London Headquarters.

The visit took place during President Tatar’s trip to the UK where he attended the sixth Turkish Cypriot Cultural Festival, which occurred on 2nd July 2023 at Enfield Playing Fields, Donkey Lane, Enfield. The annual festival is organised by the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (CTCA), an organisation that TurkishBank UK proudly sponsors.
The CTCA, established in 1983, represents the UK’s 300,000-strong diverse Turkish Cypriot community and works diligently towards empowering the community through civic engagement and fostering stronger UK-Turkish Cypriot relations through education and advocacy.

TurkishBank Group, with roots in Northern Cyprus since 1901, through its social responsibility programs works towards a variety of sustainable development goals. One of which, is the transformation of Northern Cyprus into a technology island, by focusing on fostering a thriving digital entrepreneurial ecosystem. President Tatar during his visit met with the Bank’s executive management team and Turkish Cypriot staff. He expressed his continued support to the island’s transformation and congratulated TurkishBank Group for their commitment and dedication to the objective of serving the Turkish Cypriot community.

This alignment of visions embodies the spirit of progress and value creation that has always been central to the ethos of TurkishBank UK and TurkishBank Group.
President Tatar was briefed during his visit, on the London expansion of T-Gate, run by Turkish Digital Technologies which leads and manages the digital transformation of the Group. He shared his excitement on the project which will be the ‘Gate to London’ for all start-ups and scale-ups based in Turkey and TRNC. T-Gate London is the third T-Gate hub to open its doors to investors and entrepreneurs after successful launches in İstanbul and Nicosia. Both locations have already been accepting members to the prestigious ecosystem.

The newly appointed CEO of TBUK Mr.Erhan Raif stated; ‘As TurkishBank UK approaches its 50th year in the UK, we look forward to continuing our efforts towards strengthening the ties between the Turkish Cypriot community in the UK and the TRNC.’
Summarised Version: During his London visit, President Ersin Tatar of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus attended the Turkish Cypriot Cultural Festival and paid a noteworthy visit to TurkishBank UK’s headquarters. In the meeting, Tatar was informed about T-Gate London, Turkish Digital Technologies’ project aiming to be the ‘Gate to London’ for Turkey and TRNC-based start-ups and scale-ups. The President expressed his excitement and support for the project and commended TurkishBank Group’s commitment to transforming Northern Cyprus into a ‘technology island’. The new CEO of TurkishBank UK, Erhan Raif, affirmed their dedication to strengthening ties between the UK’s Turkish Cypriot community and TRNC.